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Who Are We?

Canyon State Naturists, Inc. (CSN) is a clothing-optional travel/camping organization which was formed in 1989 and now has about 200 individual members; families with children, couples and singles throughout Arizona and the United States.  We are affiliated with The Naturist Society of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the American Association for Nude Recreation and the American Association for Nude Recreation-Western Region.  We believe in caring for the natural resources that nature affords, and are proud of our excellent reputation built through the years with the U. S. Forest Service and strongly support the "Leave No Trace" program.

Members of CSN are of all ages and backgrounds, welcome without any discrimination.  It is important to note that you are not required to be nude at our events.  When you're ready to enjoy the freedom of social nudity, you will feel safe among the friendliest people you will ever meet.  Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized in part by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the environment.

What Do We Do?

Our outings are generally weekend camping, day hikes or backpack trips scheduled each month of the year.  Our members use tents, RVs, vans, pickup campers or sometimes just a sleeping bag.  One of the benefits is that no one feels belittled if they do not have fancy camping equipment.  As a prospective member, you are welcome to visit one of our events as long as prior arrangements are made with a club officer or if you are accompanied by a CSN member.  A small ​donation is requested for each function to help meet the general expenses of the outing and to cover the cost of a growing organization.

Trips, Camping and Boating

We visit wild areas, beaches, rivers, deserts, lakes, mountains, and hot springs.  A highlight of all our overnight camping trips is a potluck dinner so plan to bring a dish to share with others if you can.  At some of our events, we organize games or other theme activities.  Sometimes, we just sit around the campfire and sing, talk or roast marshmallows too.  Basically, we just relax and have a good time among good friends.

Home and Day Events

Home and day events can include pool and barbecue parties at members' homes, desert hikes, and picnics in the forests of Northern Arizona.  If you decide to join us at one of these events, remember to bring sunscreen, towels, refreshments, and your food for the day.

Special Interest Activities

Many of our members have gathered based on their interest in activities such as hiking, photography, volleyball, Frisbee, backpacking, marksmanship, biking, 4-wheel drive, boating, and much more.  Special interest activities are coordinated separately and those interested are encouraged to get together and develop plans in which most members can participate.  Often the CSN Board of Directors will help with expenses or other logistical items to help those involved with the special interests.

Public Awareness

Canyon State Naturists, Inc. is organized in Arizona as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization and can accept tax deductible donations.  A main objective is to increase public awareness of Naturism and Body Acceptance through seminars, special events, informational booths, print and broadcast media, mailings, and more.  The goal is to get the message of natural freedom out to those that have been trying to find ways of enjoying nudity.  Nude Recreation is a way of enjoying the natural beauty of the Southwest without the restriction of clothes.  Most people who like to be nude in the open air are much more comfortable and feel safer with a like-minded group.

Public Opinion on Clothing-optional Recreation

In 2015, The Naturist Education Foundation (NEF), a nonprofit informational and educational adjunct to The Naturist Society, commissioned multiple opinion surveys to test the responses of U.S. adults to questions about body acceptance, recreation, and personal freedoms.  Surveys were taken to gauge National opinions on these matters as well as the opinions of California, New York, and Florida residents.  The results of each survey show overwhelming public support for these activities.  The results of the surveys are posted on the Naturist Education Foundation website.

Is Nudity Legal?

Arizona law on indecent exposure, ARS 13-1402(A), states that a person commits indecent exposure if that person exposes genitals, anus, or the areola or nipple of a woman's breast and another person is present, and the defendant is reckless about whether the other person, as a reasonable person, would be offended or alarmed by the act.  As long as we are willing to cover up at the request of civil authorities, and avoid confrontations with civil authorities and the public, we normally face little likelihood of legal difficulties.  We prefer using Federal lands where Federal civil authorities are more tolerant of nudity; however, we recognize that state and local civil authorities can enforce local laws on Federal lands.  So many of our outings are in areas maintained by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  CSN works with Federal and other authorities who are usually happy to deal with us since we are caring users of public lands.  We obtain proper permits and take pride in keeping our campsites better than we found them.

How Do I Join?

Read through the information provided here on our Web Pages.  If you have any questions, please contact us by using the form on our Request Information page.

Behaviour Guidelines

Members are defined as adults (18 and over), whose annual dues are paid and in good standing.

CSN functions are for Members, Guests and Visitors.  Guests and Visitors are welcome either when accompanied by a member or with prior Board notification.  Visitors and Guests may attend an event before a decision is requested on becoming a member.

CSN is a family friendly organization and actions contrary to common sense family standards will not be condoned.  Person(s) exhibiting offensive behavior will be asked to leave without refund of any fees.  No overt sexual activity is permitted.  Alcohol consumption must be kept in moderation, and no illegal substances are ever permitted at any CSN function.

Unless other noted, a small activity fee is requested of each adult member attending a CSN function.  Members bringing Guests are responsible for their event fees.

The organization is devoted to preserving the beauty of the environment and of the rights of its members to enjoy the outdoors naturally.  All campsites must be left cleaner than when we arrived.

These guidelines are part of the full CSN Bylaws and may be subject to change by the CSN Board of Directors.  A copy of the Bylaws may be obtained by written request.

Where possible and unless otherwise noted, camping locations have been recently scouted and are accessible by most types of vehicles.  The last segment from the main road will be marked as clearly as possible with colored ribbons and/or reflective stakes.  The final section is generally a dead end road and may be a little rough, so take it slow.  Map references are to the Arizona Atlas and Gazetteer (AA&G) and highway mile markers.

Campfires are always restricted.  If allowed by our group permit, and with the approval of a CSN Trustee, you may get a CSN Campfire Permit.  You must have everything you need, as required by the Forest Service, including water and a shovel.

Guests and Visitors may attend three events without membership and non member kids or kids without parents must have a parental permission slip to enter the event.

At all events remember to bring and sit on your towel.  At swimming parties, two towels are recommended so that the wet towel isn't the one used to sit on good furniture inside the home.  No smoking inside homes.  At campouts, pack it in, pack it out, including cigarette butts and paper products.  We pride ourselves on our reputation as an environmentally friendly organization.

All events feature a potluck.  Bring a dish to share and enjoy the variety.  Bring your own drinks and eating equipment.  Remember that those needing assistance go first in line.

Having fun isn't mandatory, but you'll have a tough time avoiding it.  Welcome to the family!


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