Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature.


Join Canyon State Naturists

If you are interested in membership, please read through the information provided below. You are invited to learn more about our club by requesting information.

Membership Process

Our membership process is fairly simple. It focuses on protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of current members. Our goal is to promote healthy aspects of the naturist community. Those who are unsure of their interest in naturism but would like to learn a little more or explore the possibilities, are most welcome.

Please note that the process of attaining membership may vary depending on the ability to meet
with potential members. The general process includes:

  • Step 1: Reach out to us by clicking on REQUEST INFORMATION. Please keep in mind that we are an all-volunteer organization, so it may take a few days for us to respond.
  • Step 2: Depending on the nature of your inquiry, whether it is just to answer questions or to seek membership, we will respond to you. During this stage the full process will be explained to you.
  • Step 3: We will arrange to meet with you a couple of times, usually at Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. We do this in groups of prospective new members; thus, these are RSVP only meetings.
  • Step 4: Face-to-face meetings are a two-way process. You will have an opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit for you; and we will also have a chance to determine if you are a good fit for us. Why? Unlike a landed or destination naturist club, we often meet in private homes. It is in the best interest of all concerned that we maintain a high level of privacy.
  • Step 5: If everything appears to be in good order, we will send you a membership application. Complete and return the application, pay the fees, then come with us as we enjoy the camaraderie and fun that comes with being a member of the naturist community.
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